Free Fair & Healthy

Free people in fair societies on a healthy planet

is a simple way to say what we stand, work and fight for. Free Fair & Healthy channels our energy in a difficult and complex reality. It’s a wave of “Heck yes” breaking over a sea of “Hell no.”

Free Fair & Healthy is...


  • A Point of View

    Free Fair & Healthy guides our life’s work. It’s our goal when we lead. It influences who we follow. It expresses who we need to be—because we’re serious about what we want to see.

  • A Free Creative Platform

    Launching this December: a creative toolkit for communicating Free Fair & Healthy ideas. Icons, fonts, posters, signs, hashtags and more, all free for you to use.

  • A Global Celebration

    December 12, 2017 is International Free Fair & Healthy Day. Mark your calendar and come back to this site for all the tools you need to shine attention on our goal of a Free Fair & Healthy world.

Icon Sets

Launching this December: The FF&H Creative Platform will offer strange little totems of positivity and possibility for anyone communicating Free Fair & Healthy to use, free of charge.


    Coax our world into sprouting things that nurture us.


    Move forward with purpose and agency, inspired by women.


    Picture a democracy where individual voices are heard and have influence.


    Imagine a world freed from white, cis-straight-male and wealth supremacy.

  • OPEN

    Explore a free-flowing, free-form, populist universe of information and ideas.

  • FUN

    Try tangents, misdirection, Rube Goldberging and side trips. They just might reveal the truest path to your goals.

Celebrate International Free Fair & Healthy Day

Say what you stand for on December 12, 2017

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Free Fair & Healthy is created by Big Tada, Inc. and Keneta Anderson, independent creative professionals who collaborate under the moniker Poultry National Park. One of our clients, Quixote Foundation, spent its entire endowment and put everything from the money to the office furnishings in other people’s hands, so we decided to put the brand resources we’d developed for them in yours.