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We encourage you to use, share and build on everything we’ve created—it’s a “more the merrier” creative party! With that said, we don’t actually want our guests to burn the house down, so here are the rules:

You may download and use the creative assets on this site any way you wish for noncommercial and nonprofit purposes. We don’t require credit or attribution because sometimes, well, that just messes up the quick, clean, beautiful thing you’re trying to create. However, we get all verklempt with joy when you DO give credit or attribution. You can do so by linking to this website or acknowledging this source verbally or in print.

Just so we’re clear, if you’re a legit nonprofit and are using images in a fundraising appeal, that’s great! If you’re using the images to line your own pockets, not so much. See below.

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Above all, if you promote racist, sexist, queer phobic, xenophobic or any other bigoted nonsense, you are prohibited from using any resources on this site under any terms.